Day 21:  I have to get into the next town,

the terrain was flat, i have a tail wind its the perfect conditions to cover some distance

I pedaled 77 miles into delta utah as the wind guided me its still early so I can rest up for the next soul developing day.

I have to plan ahead knowing i’ll have a 88 mile stretch before I make it to the next service station directly at the nevada state line.

I emptied unnecessary items from my backpack and left it in the hotel trash can.


Day 22: I knew I had challenges ahead but nothing I could not handle, I left out at 6am while the sun was still Low, the temperature was 54 degrees my feet and hands were cold 

i’d prefer this over my feet being scorched through my dark black shoes.

I stopped at a gas station and purchased 5 bottles of water and put two on my rear loader and three in my backpack. And that’s including the one bottle on my front loader and three frame bottles im carrying 9 waters there is no way ill run out.


I have an 88 mile stretch from delta utah to the state line of nevada and i need to be certain I have enough liquid.

52 miles in; being weighed down with all this water i had no urge to drink because the cool early temperature.

Once I reached the mountains and the sun rose thats when I started to go through my water supply and starting with the water in my back pack i slowly eliminated weight.

 as I climbed I put my earbuds in and tuned out the constant climbing; 120 beats per second psychedelic trance 10 miles of climbing jamming, I found my rhythm.

once I made it to the top the remaining miles were downhill, after 6 hours.

Welcome to Nevada.


The time went back 1 hour on arrival so it was 11:00

I took an extra long break 3 hours to be exact

While in the border inn gas station also motel I played a penny slot machine and won 3 dollars it would have been 7 if I knew how to quit. This is the closest ill ever get to las vegas gambling.


As i rested an older gentleman walked in dressed in full cycling gear with a visor around his helmet and the number 44 attached to it.

His name is steve and his presence is calming; we talked about my trip, hes in awe that i’m doing this all self supported and putting the large amount of miles in everyday.

He has ridden majority of nevada’s routes and has been in some of the steepest climbs over 13000 ft in elevation.

He drew me a map of the most detailed description of what I will expect from route 50 from wind direction, hills, decents the amount of miles between each city and which route I should avoid.

I took all his words in fully engaged with every word he spoke.

He warned me of route 6 and it not having any service stations for 166 miles, there’s no way I can pack enough water for 166 miles without being weighed down.

Me being stubborn knowing my route is shorter and it will get me to cali a day early I thought about taking route 6 any ways.

Almost like he knew what i was thinking, he calmly advised again dont get on route 6.


I listened to steve and agreed that ill stick with route 50 all the way to the state line of cali even it will add another hundred miles to my trip.


Steve did something great and pulled out his wallet and donated a generous amount of money.


He also gave me his card with contact information. And said if i need anything while on this trip give him a call and he’ll be there.


He lives in california and gave me advice to which cities to avoid and go to, information from trains and planes.


We shook hands and stated I was his hero and walked away to get some ice cream.


3:00 pm the sun is blazing highest in the sky the temperature is 102 degrees, its time to knock out these 66 more miles.


I slapped sunscreen on my back and my calves as their the most exposed to the sun, i did not know i peel till being exposed to these sun rays everyday. Sunscreen is important for all skin types.


After pedaling off, 5 minutes into the trip I noticed clouds moving in from the south, blankets of clouds are covering the sun, the temperature within 30 minutes cooled down significantly.


I had 2 more mountains i had to climb before i could enter eli utah and climbing with full sun beaming down cooking me just makes it harder.


Halfway through the mountain a state trooper named garcia passed me i waived as he went by.

Shortly after I looked behind and there he was pulling up behind me.

I didn’t sense anything like a speeding ticket or traffic violation. So I smiled as he stepped out of his vehicle he walked up and asked where i was headed, i told him my story.


He was impressed, A guy from the border inn who was riding a motorbike that i spoke to earlier told him about me so he came to check and make sure I had enough liquids to stay hydrated.

Garcia went into his car and pulled out two gatorades and asked if i wanted them both I only chose one as im already maxed out on fluids weighing me down. I chugged the bottle i asked to take photos shook hands and we went on our way.


My feet are beginning to hurt from all the pressure im putting on the pedals to climb these hills

This last mountain was the toughest i’m on mile 120 and i need to get to the top so i can get in before sundown.

 I made it! almost feinting after 150 miles to eli checking in to a motel.

Day 23: the days are getting closer to finishing my goal as many days ive been on the bike; time is moving swiftly im doing the things that I love.

Cycling, seeing new environments all while encouraging people to live happier and healthier lifestyles.

I departed eli and rode along hwy 50 questioning why im not on hwy 6, knowing the route is shorter and i’ll conclude my challenge a lot faster, i kept my word and promised steve that i’ll avoid hwy 6 knowing there is nothing for 166 miles, today i barely had enough snacks and water to cover 77 miles and im maxed out on water carrying space.


As i rode along hwy 50 a car pulled to the side of the road a man jumped out of his suv with a sun hat on i felt i may know who this already is before getting out

Steven i yelled; internally,  i stopped he said its steve from last night; remember. How can i forget steve It was around 9:30 ive already put about 20 miles in.

Steve  spotted me on route 50 his way back to california to make sure I was fine and loaded up on fluids and snacks he kindly asked if I needed anything, no but thank you; you have done more than enough for me already. his generosity is beyond measures.


Im gradually climbing hills that appear flat, i now know when im on an accend when my legs feel bogged down, i also have to look at my surrroundings to see if any thing looks unlevel.

The mountains are very deceptive, my garmin page has been set to read elevation instead of miles as its more of use to me; elevation brings the pain not the flats. 


My legs will not get rest today i aimed to complete 140 miles to end the day in austin nevada but settled with 77 in eureka nevada

i went over 3 summits and the elevations averaged 7500 im constantly decending by 1000 feet and climbing shortly after. the decents were dissapointing nothing to look foward to, my legs are not getting enough time to rest between.


Its hard to focus on the journey when your climbing mountains all day trying to take your mind off the pain your bodys enduring. Now after over 2000 miles im anxious to get to the destination.


Only a couple hundred miles remains, i should focus on the positive benefits the mountains are doing for me and that is; all apart of the journey

i came into this wanting to challenge myself and also be challenged; mother nature is certainly doing that for me 


my perspective has changed On towns and the culture of people the further west you head I feel grateful for the encounters ive been receiving and the hills ive been climbing;

im certain ill appreciate the mountains more once i dont have to climb any more at normal elevation and look back how much its altered my psychological and physiological state by breaking me and remaking me.

The frustration i feel will soon pass and ill understand surely that i will not develop and surpass my current version on a level that im comfortable with, i need to be taken to uncomfortable extreme heights where the only competition i can face is ME and this is how ill reach my greatest version!

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