Day 24: A 77 mile stretch from austin to eureka nevada; without any service stations.


I decided to take a 30 minute break at one of the few gas stations, attempting to catch up on some thoughts before I hit the road again.


As i sit, my mind instantly goes into a state of oneness I feel connected to every one and thing I notice all thats happening around me.


The wind is calm but i feel it flowing across my skin, my arm hairs are blowing along with the wind. As I breathe it purifies my lungs. I feel as i am the wind.


I hear cars pulling in as their tires are rolling across the gravel, idle motors humming and gas doors opening and closing.


The sound of prying bags of chips  and crunching. The frizzell noise of soda bottles being chugged and trucks zooming off.

The sheer joy of familys together enjoying their bonding as they travel, i felt there emotions as my own.


my timer goes off telling me its been 30 minutes i was so in the moment

Where did the time go.

I need to get these remaining miles in before sunset!


My gps says there’s a 110 mile stretch from austin to fallon nevada and only 1 service station in middlegate.


As I rode along the stretch I stumbled across a lodge with a convenience store this place doesn’t show up on my map. I Stopped in and purchased a salad and some waters to top up my supply.

I don’t have plans to stay long so i need to eat quickly.


Im tempted with the idea of the motel next door i just did over 100 miles, why do i need to make it 177.


After enjoying my leafy salad With avocado tomatoes and cucumbers, i finished my complimentary water and not falling victom to temptation of staying in the motel i hit the road.


I have more hills to climb before i can even make it into the next city.

I just went ahead and pushed passed the pain knowing ill be done in one more day.


 I climbed without zig zagging and keeping my head down focused on the road.


I learned along my journey that When i look up and see how much of a hill remaining i get discouraged and quickly lose stamina.


I turned fast upbeat music on and pedaled to the tempo as I worked up the mountain. Unaware of how high i’ve made it i finally look up several minutes; ive made it a half past the summit.


Its 8:20pm I only have a few miles it seems like the longest few miles ever.


My body cant take anymore


Im at mile 170 and only 7 miles away from fallon my legs will not move the way I want them too.


i’m so close and the sun has set and im riding in the dark with my lights at full beam. It’s only me and the bike.


My mind keeps wandering towards food and a place to sleep. I want to stop pedaling but i’m being stalked by a coyote and i’m too tired for whatever mischief this animal is up to .


I picked up speed using the coyote as my motivation to move faster.


Why is my body now starting to ache now, ive been doing 100 miles everyday; I should be used to it now.


Welcome to fallon.


Day 25: its 11am, my body aches, I finally developed some saddle sores why is this all happening towards the remaining miles to california.


I slept in later knowing once im finished with these 92 miles my challenge will finally be completed; as much pain i have been in for these 25 days oddly i don’t want it to end.


I’d rather develop pain from something I love doing for free, then go back to my normal life and do something i hate and its not benefiting me.


Either way, I can always create more journeys it is amazing just to have experienced one i have dreamt doing for 3 years.


    Departing fallon,


I’m enjoying the last few miles of my journey sadly, knowing it will be over in a few more hours.


Everything is suddenly moving along way to fast, I want time to slow down again; i peddled slower and mindfully set my attention to the scenery as I climb the last few mountains this time my head up and enjoying the pain not concerned if there is more elevation around another corner; i want more!


I am climbing these mountains with ease on one of my largest gears i haven’t even down shifted to make it easier.

the last hill took me to 7000 elevation with a slightly rewarding down hill.


I pushed up this last mountain knowing all of the mountains ive climbed have prepared me for this final one into california.


Welcome to california


I made it in 7 hours the time is 7:00 pm still. Daylight and enough time to take a photo in front of the state historical sign.


There’s so much I have learned from this journey and tons to reflect upon.


I suddenly developed anxiety after picking up my phone seeing the prices for flights back to my home state.


I breathed deeply and reminded myself; all is well.


2500 miles of pain with rewarding pleasure I’ve made through hell to get to my state of heaven.


I need to enjoy myself and my final days before returning to my old life.


I stayed committed to a goal and seen it through.

Despite all the difficulties I have faced and obstacles repelling my efforts, I have conquered a great challenge.


My dream was to travel across the country by bike and I brought my dream into fruition.


This does not have to be the end of my journey as in my life time Many more journeys can be created and are all apart of my current life; i have the entire planet earth as my playground!

Everyones journey will be diffrent and some may face a few of the same obstacles ive encoutered to develop a stronger mind body and Soul, but Each eye has a diffrent perspective when viewing the same object.

If we want something in our lifetime we need to put in the effort to make this desire happen!


if we want to be healthy and fit we need to change our lifestyle habits to see this through!


If we want success in our life, we need to start doing whatever it takes to bring the success we want in our life!

If we want to be happy, we need to Change our mindset and simply Be Happy!


once we realise we are the co-creators and put in our effort and take control over the portion of reality we have control over,

We can make anything possible!


Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported me along this journey.


And Until our next adventure, if you want to see the Change you’ve got to be the change!

We are –The Soul Cyclist


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