Day8:  Sigh, I am off to a late start once again.

I noticed last night the crackling noice was back but with attitude this bikes wheel is being destroyed 9:00 am, waiting for a bike shop to open, I stopped into a local subway to get an all vegetable 6 inch sub, Extra olives, jalapenos and guacamole please! Eating and waiting for a bike shop 12 miles away to open at 10:00 a.m.


I rode about two miles, went down a steep hill at 35 mph, the scariest hill bomb experience ever! Hearing your wheel crumble wobble and crack underneath your legs is not an enjoyable ride.


I stopped at a abandoned car lot and Ordered a taxi service; budget taxi to take me 12 Miles to the nearest bike shop. I Called a few other taxi services closer to my location but they wouldn’t answer their phone.


I don’t want to risk any injuries going down hills or up didnt want to take the chances of my wheel falling off or I cause more damage to the bike and more importantly myself.


‘I hope the bike shop has the parts I need for the bike as they are a specialized trek and cannondale retailer. I would hate to have to end this journey now after so many miles I put into it.’


I waited patiently…crossed my legs. And began Focusing on my breath, Inhaling fresh peace and exhaling worries, doubts and fears. I did this multiple times till I relaxed my growing anxiety.


30 minutes later an older italian lady with an approachable smile driving a small black kia yelled enthusiastically, put the bike inside if it doesn’t fit we can tie it to the roof if we have too.


She was born in New York and drove busses for a living but is on a medical leave due to injury

Just her telling me she is from NORK, this made me feel closer to home.


We conversed about how material can reveal a person’s inner greed.

materialism can tear families and friends apart and allows one to see their inner character.


12:00p.m, we arrived at Dave’s Bike Shop, in suspense all anxiety returned; I anxiously walked into the store with fingers crossed hoping the part needed to repair my bike was in stock, if they didn’t have it I would have gladly paid even extra to have them sell me it off one of there display models.


My Only aim is headed west and i want to continue the journey, im so far into this i cant stop now.


Daves bike shop in raymore Missouri is a Very friendly bike shop and did everything they could to take care of my issue. They even said they would ride out to one of their other stores to pick up the part for me whichever is fastest and most convenient.


A new rear wheel, new chain, greased axles and tune job, took photos and went our ways.

1:29p.m Left their shop with a big smile on my face.


Random thought as I pedal. Every new state I enter there is someone that resembles the facial features of someone back home. Maybe the universe just tweaked the body’s features ever so slightly to set us All apart. If our brains can remember 10,000 faces what will happen to that first face I once knew after making it 10,001?


2:10 p.m, Entered Kansas , the hills here are like roller coasters, at one point im going downhill 25 Mph then im climbing another going 5 Mph. with the west tailwind and down hills i was able to put in 50 miles in no time. Perfect preparation for Colorado mountains.


After a very late start today because of the repairs needed, I called it a night at 6:00 pm im going to enjoy the night while i’m in a local town with food and lodging.


Ill wake up at 5am and be out by 6am if my body allows it.


“There will be ups and downs but soon enough we will see a plateau!”

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