Hey Old Souls, Welcome To another adventure with The Soul Cyclist! During  this soul cycling journey I will be Ultra, light weight, minimal Bike Touring 1100 Miles.

 I will  BikeTour From Portland Maine To Toledo Ohio and will Document my experience with you and hope you can learn from my mistakes and new discoveries along my Journey. 

In an attempt for a Few weeks, My aim is to reset my mind, lose my thoughts and raise my current vibration while trying to forget about all the chaos currently happening on our Earth.

 immersing myself in yet another soul cycling adventure My aim is the same, To inspire those to live enriching lifestyles and promote bike culture while traveling and inspire many who may dream to do the same in their future. Sharing tips and tricks that will save you a few mistakes and prepare for the ultimate adventure!

In advance I’d like to make an unapologetic apology for my reader’s eyes for any grammatical errors and spelling typos  these articles may contain, as they are all mostly written on the fly and summed up late nights after riding a numerous Miles. 

  All in all, thanks for your forgiveness in advance and Enjoy Thank You!

Day 1: Toledo Ohio 10:00am Here I am with my best friend packing up my bike gathering materials needed for this new adventure. MY thoughts are scattered and truly out of the moment, I’m trying to gather all of the last minute items as I pace in a small studio apartment. She watches me and also absorbs my anxiety as we pack all last minute items  in before I board the plane.

200pm I Arrive at Toledo Airport checking in bags . My bike box for undercarry was over 50 pounds so in order to avoid an additional 100 dollar charge I had to remove some items from the box. I managed to get The scale down to 44lbs and bring on board flight two carryons I sure do love saving money.

Going through the toledo airport security was so easy it almost felt like they were not doing their jobs. Which is good and bad, as I did not feel like a criminal for once in an airport, and bad if I was one. 

 While traveling during this pandemic, the airports did a great job at making it mandatory for face masks in the Airport and on planes, everyone played their part to “slow the curve”. I couldn’t feel safer Knowing some strangers’ bad breath isn’t breathing on my face.

320 pm we Departed toledo airport 

Starting off the Journey with a flight to Charlotte north carolina, with a window seat to view the beautiful earth’s atmosphere from above. 

im sitting here in this plane seat with many thoughts attempting to remove anxiety. Practicing my breathing I close my eyes, Inhale for 4 seconds…………  Hold for 4 seconds……….and release all…the….oxygen from my body with a slow exhale. Then suddenly, a enormous rumble ‘turbulence, the entire plane shakes. Horrifically, everything in the cabins overhead shook loudly, I quickly lowered my hand downwards gripping the arm rest to brace myself thinking shortly after how little that would help if something tragic actually took place. Most people would take a shot of their favorite beverage before boarding an airplane, me however will not drink just because i don’t like to feel weak and over vulnerable and if i did i’m certain it would make the matter scarier.

As I sit here my thoughts venture back to worry, I’m thinking about my layover that takes me to roughly 1000pm and stressed and highly anxious worrying about my plans when we touch ground and how I’ll begin the journey.

430pm we landed in Charlotte North Carolina airport waiting during layover. I looked over my route and also thought about what i’m going to do with my bike at 10:00 at night on arrival..

I Booked a hotel in portland maine on Expedia while waiting, ensuring the date is correct as i do not want to fall into the same mistake of having it booked for a later date as i once did in cali and had to find a new place to lay my head.

the boarding desk announces my name over The Overheads intercom asking me to come to the desk, a lady with an amazing foreign accent notified me that seats have been cleared and would i be okay with exit seats, i asked could i get a window seat nicely. She said she will see what she can do for me. After 30 minutes she called me up again and handed me my ticket.

Boarded plane at 740 pm. To my surprise i have a window seat Departure from carolina to portland at 810 pm

910 pm  my entertainment is from above, I’m able to see the sunset right below the horizon and fireworks instantly lighting up the dark being set off in the black clear skies.

1000 pm On arrival at the airport. I searched for my bike on the conveyor belt and thought about reassembling it in the airport. My plans changed soon as the exhaustion hit me.  wearing a face mask, i walk out the airport doors and wave down a van taxi and ride over to my hotel.

1100 pm i re- assemble my bike, ate a snack,shower and went to sleep.. Ready to bike in the morning.


Daily track 070320

Food:17.91+ 3.00


Airport: 30 baggage fee

Plane ticket:137

Taxi:17 + 3TIP


Day 2: 060420 -Portland Maine

Rose before the sound of my alarm at 8am, excited preparing for the large day ahead, i turn on the motel tv and look at the tv guide and i’m greeted with the positive number 444 message from the universe indicating from my angels that i’m NOT at this alone.

915am pedaling my way down to willard beach. The sky was hazy and I could hardly view the boats from a distance.

I walked to the water in disgust. Seaweed is everywhere. i stepped over what i can step over and put my feet into the atlantic ocean connected water which was freezing, all due to my lack of acclamation to my body leaving and leaving a state with temps in the 90s to the 60s my plans to fully immerse my body in this frigid water will have to be postponed later in the journey.

To guys come walking down the steps trekking towards the water, jimmy and michael.. Jimmy sits down on a log near me as i do last minute tunes, Michael yells to jimmy “i’ll tell you how cold it is” Two Crazy dudes in the utmost respectful comical way… michael comes down for a dip every day to get recharged by the saltwater jimmy says. 

Michael jumping in and diving under dolphin style reinvigorated as I could hear from the loud thrilled yell. 

Hitting the road

The roads of Maine are very bike friendly, the terrain is mostly flat with a few inclines here and there but nothing an avid cyclist will not be able to handle.

New Hampshire 655pm I Stopped into Himalayan cuisine durbar square restaurant.  vegan dumpling filled with cabbage and spices, spicy sweet potato chilli  and carrot hawla for dessert with raspberry sauce and almond chips and a minty hot tea. I recommend this restaurant and give a 5 star to any visitors visiting, the price is a bit high but well worth it .

Daily Track

Restaurants 39.24 , 11.33


Total Miles ridden: 65


Day 3 070520: I departed my hotel room with a late start loading up on more rest till 11 am

a very late start if i do say so, I finally got moving and stopped in a fresh press restaurant for a power bowl loaded with banana, granola, chia seeds, house made peanut butter, chocolate and a delicious cold acai berry super food smoothie base made with oat milk, energizing my body.

I rode around the corner to starbucks at 12pm attempting to wake up my brain with a starbucks coffee. while sipping a dark roast hazelnut coffee, I communicated with vinterra the best i could in that moment while my brain was everywhere taking in the sounds from my surroundings as a whole lot was happening. I attentively forced myself to listen to her lively tonality as she gave me praise for my trip and a gift along the way.

As I got moving, I climbed the baby hills of New Hampshire, not very fun but to remain optimistic it was hazy and the sun was blocked.  I found my way crossing over into Massachusetts fairly Fast so quickly I didn’t even recognize that I arrived.

I rolled down to the beach near Boston for my last opportunity to take a quick swim in the ocean before swaying away from the coast. The water was warm, but i felt discouraged by the large amount of seaweed, debris and dead jellyfish on the bay,

 I walked about 50 feet into the water and to my surprise the water was free from algae and debri. 

I walked a few feet then Went under the water and floated easily in the salt water for a few minutes before concluding the night to a fresh new soul cycling tomorrow..


Daily track 060520



Total miles ridden 71.87


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