Day 14

It was of no surprise that my legs would operate like skin filled with rocks; heavy, stiff and slow. today I felt somewhat ambitious with only 240 miles to go. I was indecisive whether I wanted to fully tackle it all or not.

As i rode along the shoulder there were a few minor hills to climb but that’s to be expected as i just left a state known for their hills and i’m not very far from it.

I try my hardest to push my body to get moving but it just will not let me spin the way my soul felt, all i could do is use what ever i have developed inside over the many years to keep me moving forward.

The challenge of today was the bipolar winds and Ohio’s 90 degree heat 

Maybe I should have left out sooner than later to avoid this heat index.

Once i was introduced with a tease of the flats of ohio’s land i knew i could easily cover some distance but spite my efforts i was only operating off of will and no physical strength i did not have any real food all day and only breakfast was a strawberry banana smoothie, two fig bars which are 100 calories per bar and a iced coffee.

Daily track

Miles completed 80

Lodging 115

Food 20


Day 15

earlier this morning i still felt beat but extremely ambitious. I told myself I’m going to finish this challenge and i Will Finish Today. And there’s nothing that will put a halt to my efforts.

 I suddenly come to familiar terrain and I begin to cover distance in no time. I’m slicing through head winds at 20 miles an hour and by starting earlier at 8am I’m able to beat the sun’s brutality.

I stopped in a rural gas station in a tiny town of ohio searching for fuel calories and caffeine as i picked out as much as i can carry the Lady gas station attendant asked where i’m coming from and i told her her face was in shock.

She said she is so impressed that she wanted to purchase all of what i picked out at her gas station she doesn’t care what the reason for doing it is but her reason was the drive i have to complete it.

Around mile 135 I started losing my momentum.

I’m no longer slicing through the headwinds as easily but whenever I feel the urge to give up because of mere exhaustion that’s when I stand up on my bike and I pedal harder giving it all I have to reach another mile.

 I see my Target in my mind’s eye and I know I will be successful because I believe I’m going to get myself there.

What keeps me motivated is the fact that I am so close to Toledo Ohio and I can finally take a shower at my own home, I can lay down on my own pillow and I can pull food out of my own refrigerator and i Will not Quit.

The last 20 miles home seemed to take forever. I am thirsty and with only a few drops of water remaining in 1 out of 3 bottles. On a large stretch of open farmland I contemplate finishing it off. My urge to get home became stronger making time move slower, i turned on some music to take my mind off the time and miles after what seemed like many moments later a guy approached me on a 4 wheeler and said he seen me zooming past his house he handed me a water and a smile and u turns in the street back the way he came. His gesture alone gave me fuel as I guzzled this bottle of water. I felt revitalized and started sprinting with my head down not concerned with what may lie in front of me just trusting we’ll get there.

I have completed 164 miles today within 11 hours. I am depleted of all energy and that’s how it’s supposed to be when you give your all. you have got nothing else to give! 

I have noticed when you have nothing left and you’re willing to Give everything you’ve got for that one thing and all strength is depleted. That’s when your wings will spread and take over and help carry you through!


   In retrospect, this trip was a beautiful experience i always learn something new about myself and from others while doing these trips alone, during my inner dialogue is mostly calm and quiet as i absorb my surroundings, suffering through the pain that words will never describe and the growth in spirit the development of soul im developing when conquering a challenge which puts your mind body and spirit to the test.

I Never thought How much more added difficulty that would be added while traveling during a worldwide pandemic. It’s harder to find public restrooms and to dine in restaurants.

The hardest challenge about this journey will be late nights trying to reflect and type out what was experienced throughout the day so I can share my experience before I lose the memory of new experiences. While writing exhausted I try to move my fingers and I suddenly fall into a deep sleep with my phone falling out of my hands.

I  wake up the next morning stressing trying to remember the experience in such a short time before checking out as many details and writing down whatever I experienced.

 I’m always surprised to learn how much there is about me on these long trips reflecting and thinking about the decisions and choices I’m making throughout my daily life. My aim is mostly to inspire to develop the soul and simply do whatever makes me happy 

The amount of money spent for these trips is all personal investing. By doing something I want to do that makes me happy and no matter how much I spend it doesn’t matter as long as I’m receiving something in return. Happiness and strength.

By living out my dream of waking up every morning on a mission to accomplish a goal I set for myself I learned the key to success is patience, taking it slow all while still giving all you got is the ultimate endurance strategy.

For this trip i went the extreme minimal route and packed what’s only important and opted for 23c road bike tires for speed not comfort as we all need to live with the mentality of being comfortably – uncomfortable a few times in our life as this is how we don’t get attached to one way or thing embrace change and continually grow in spirit mind and body.

I have met a lot of friendly faces who verbally told me they were inspired to live out whatever dreams they have rather than sleep on them.

During my visits throughout 12 states Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts,Connecticut,New York,New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware,Maryland, Virginia and west Virginia i came across so many delicious vegan restaurants and experimented with as many options i could purchase.

completing my coast to coast from Portland maine and last years toledo to california 

riding back to Toledo from some of the rural towns definitely gives me a greater appreciation for the place I reside

I’d like to thank the new followers Friends Family and subscribers for following and donating towards this journey and UNTIL our next adventure, to all you old souls If You Want To See The Change You Need To Be The Change!

  We Are The Soul Cyclist.   –(LEE)


Daily track

Total mikes166.9



Trip stats

Total Expense: 2114.93

Total miles completed: 1179.76

Days to complete:15

Challenge Level:Difficult

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