Day 4

After waking up from only five and one half hours of sleep I leave my hotel room, cruising around the city of boston still on route at a moderate pace I take in the City’s cultures one last time while searching for some breakfast. I came to a stop at a thai vegan restaurant and loaded my belly with white jasmine rice, tofu with vegetables, Wontons and all else I could fit before hitting the road.

Departing Boston Mastcheteususs, after 30 miles I arrived in Rhode island. First pedal across the state line instantly, I knew I did not like it here. nothing against the state but the area I made it to  didn’t strike me as a pleasant environment. There was broken glass everywhere which is not very good for my tires and just all around an area I wouldn’t feel safe at night.  im sure if i we’re in other areas i could appreciate the state better just didn’t sit well for good first impressions i kept cycling till i Arrived in Connecticut 

the hills here are exhausting but not quite so bruta,l usually once hills begin somewhere in the trip they will progressively get worse

As i ride along route 44 west I notice My front tire has two large bulges the size of medium marbles 3 inches apart protruding from my tire. Which is making for an uncomfortably bumpy ride. I need to get to a bike shop and also need to charge my phone which is at 35% battery life.

I pulled into a burger king restaurant hoping to find an outlet which I had no luck fortunately I packed external power.  I unzipped my backpack and reached for one of my portable batteries as my phone charged and I searched for the nearest bike shop.

i found one which was 5 miles away there’s no way I’ll Make it as they close at 5pm and its now 430 pm

Found another and cycled  6 miles away. I pulled up and tried to open the door and they were closed. Their website says it closes at 7pm so does the sign. I guess you have to call first. You never know what to expect during covid 19.

I ride 20 more miles aiming for Connecticut hotel to get settled in for the night, feeling the bounce in my front wheel hoping it does not explode on me as i ride down hill at 45mph

I position my hands into my drop bars for extra stability expecting at any moment it will blow and I’ll be prepared to drop both feet and ride the frame into the grass safely as I make it to the bottom.


Daily Track 060620

Lodging 74.00

Food 19+ 7 + 3.45 + 3.00 +10.39


Day 5

Left out at 1030 as the bike shop does not open until 10am which means another late start and less miles i’ll be putting on my bike today.

I Stopped in a putnam  bike shop for a new front tire to fix the bulges. I didn’t want to take any chances on a blow out and ruin my trip.

How exciting to see progress as cars pass, you’re teased with licence plates on vehicles hinting when you’re within miles of the next state. These Hills are infinite and my legs are toast, when will they end I started the day with so much passion and enthusiasm Now I’m cursing at these Hills!

There is a thrill of going down but just knowing once you go down you need to pedal back up is Discouraging. i just about tackled 25 hills today each all roughly 3 miles incline.

Sometimes I can be very impatient, especially when it comes to my goals and I forget to stay in the moment as my vision will become fixated on the prize, when I can see the place that I want to get to, I become tunnel vision. My first reaction is to get frustrated that I’m not there yet. Then I try to get myself there all at once, and it just doesn’t work that way.

It’s not that i’m not strong enough” to get to the top of these hills the problem is that I am trying to get there all at once.

I remind myself to slow down and be patient nothing good comes when rushing. Slow steady pedal cranks while maintaining focus on the small progress currently happening.

I’m beginning to experience some new issues from the sounds of my bike. I hear lots of creaking as I climb could be my pedals or bottom bracket knowing from past experience.

I’ve been at this climbing since 1030am and it’s now 1000pm. I’m still pedalling and I can’t take the climbing anymore. Let me Rest!

Driniched in sweat, I swing my leg over my bike to get off and walk a few miles up these hills in the dark to alleviate the amount of lactic I built up in my legs. I ensured i had my rear light at maximum flash and also my front to highest beam, i see no street lights, only thing to light the night is the moon behind the cloudy sky and hearing sticks cracking in the woods to keep me alert. I told myself i will keep moving and get as close to new york as possible so i can finally rest and start the day off right by waking up early and getting my miles in before dark.

I stopped into a hotel, 5 miles from New York state line and asked if there were any restaurants or gas stations open.

Not for 5 miles the man at the front counter said. I did not have any more energy left in me to do even a quarter mile let alone 5 more. As excited as I was to arrive in New york, it had to wait.

I ate my last granola bar 35 miles back to get me here. I won’t take any chances for the night. I noticed a cart of junk food behind the desk. oreos and chips i grabbed a few oreos and a bag of potato chips as i know this is a unhealthy vegan snack but i needed to replenish energy as i could barely stand straight anymore i also booked the room for 2 nights to recover from a 123.60 mike bike ride


Daily track

Bike repairs 82

Subway 8

Gas Stations 3.42 + 8

Lodging 160

Total miles:123.60


Day 6

I wake up not concerned with the time and ride 3 miles out to organika vegan restaurant in ridgeville Connecticut to load up on carbs. My eyes are so much bigger than my belly as I order more than what I can eat. plant burger made with sweet potato, black beans, onions and tomato. matcha green tea latte, hemp green smoothie, collard green buffalo wrap and date brownie. stuffed my face then called a taxi service to take me back to my room as i have no plans to climb the hills i just went down in this rain.

back at my room i plan some things out, and remind myself to relax, why am i rushing, this adventure is not a race maybe with myself but the only race i need to be in is a race towards developing patience as thats the entire idea behind riding a bike versus a motorcycle its to slow down and take in what we won’t see otherwise to listen and feel everything in this very moment.

There is so much going on in every moment surrounding us, we just don’t take the time to realise due to our busy lifestyles to just slow down…. stop our thoughts…. Stop the chatter… and Breathe deeply… and feel all that’s happening around us. Taking in the sounds of the birds, the wind gusting between the tree leaves, the tires rolling across the pavement; who needs Headphones!

I sit here in my hotel room with eyes closed, absolute silence and reflect on why sometimes people attempt to rob our happiness, ridicule and downplay our dreams.

Let’s be real, some people want to see us fail an do not want to see us happy they will attempt to bring us down once we are shining. No matter how much you try to share the positivity your efforts will be futile.

It’s not being hypocritical to yourself and going against what you believe to spread positivity and light to everyone if you ignore those who are negative and just don’t feed into their vibration.

If you have a dream that you wish to achieve use their unhealthy stoicism, hateful ridicule, disbelief and overall pessimism as fuel to see your vision through! We are here to shine do not dim the light for anyone.


Daily track

Food 33.00 + 7



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