I left out full of energy, well rested and ready to hit the road again. It’s a New day and that comes with new obstacles. As I went downhill headed west I noticed to my right a bike shop from the corner of my eye, before another tough climb, it’s the perfect time to get repairs made.

I spoke with the owner mentioning this perplexing creek and crumble noise as I pedal clueless of its origin. Like a kid, i threw out many suggestions maybe it’s my bottom bracket or maybe my pedal or maybe. He shook his head and smiled while carefully walking my bike into his shop he grabbed his wrench and allen keys to diagnose the problem, im outside anxious for my baby to be fixed he brought it back to me and said see if this helps, i gave her a test ride and the noise was still there i hopped off my bike asking the mechanic if he would like to test ride, it might help find our issue faster he said as long as im okay with it, i handed her back over, and he respectfully road her for A few seconds later he came back to me and tightened the rear thru-axle a few twists here and there and Behold, the noise was gone.

I couldn’t be happier and asked how much do i owe him he said no charge, departed and arrived to New York New york and knew this environment was not for me there were so many horns, ambulance sirens, cyclist in the middle of the road police not concerned with j walking, flashing lights, chatter and loud music from every direction. My brain signaled too much stimulation. Let’s get the heck out of here.

I’m hungry and feel weary of locking my bike up near a restaurant in New York so I swerve through traffic matching the skills of the New York native cyclist running traffic packed red lights and becoming one with the flow traffic im weaving in and out of cars drafting semi trucks that have enough rear clearance so i can easily see potholes and manhole covers for enough reaction time to swerve. I have had enough adrenaline for one day I attempted to ride my bike through the New York tunnel corridor to New Jersey but the cops quickly halted that plan loudly over their speaker shouting no bikes allowed, after breaking so many other traffic rules i felt the urge to ride this tunnel traffic is jammed and only moving 17mph i can easily fly through at 25mph.

My good soul convinced me to trust my judgment so I moved to plan number 2. I rode to the nearest ferry and had the scenic route to New Jersey seeing THE massive buildings of Newyork and statue of liberty from afar as we drift away from the docks.

Upon arriving in New Jersey I instantly liked it. The culture is similar to New york just a bit slower giving me opportunity  to process everything at a speed I can absorb. 

everyone I encounter seems to be happy and greets me with ‘hey baby’ well the woman that is.

I stopped into a local vegan restaurant, had a delicious Rye sandwich with vegan cheese Vegetables and vegan Salami, experiencing these new dishes excite my palate and is giving me new ideas to cook back home.

In conclusion, although the distractions of sirens, multi-color strobe lights, chatter, car horns, sirens and different music in every direction there is still something very magical about New York that makes a person with ambition inspired but to one who sees clearly, a mere fictitious dream.

daily Track

Food 71

Lodging 125

Day 8

Began my day optimistically as I glanced out of my 3rd room floor with a sighting of the new york towers from afar and flags across the streets flapping westward i knew i would have a tail wind to guide me.

My Intentions Were to get an early start at 7pm to make it to the next state. I decided to stay a bit longer and tour around new jersey once more before i depart i ride down to the statue of liberty and take her in from the rear the only angle i can see still what a beautiful figure.

As I try to leave  New Jersey my GPS takes me in circles. I’m not able to keep my phone out today due to the rain pouring so i had to plug my ear piece in and allow google to talk to me.

The rear tail wind and downpours are allowing me to average 20 mph getting me to my destination a lot faster while being soaked by the rain. I’m being hydrated so I don’t need to drink any water. This is my first tailwind and flat terrain all trip.

My glasses are foggy and drops of rain stick to them keeping my visibility low I apply a trick that may be disturbing but is very effective if its the only resource you have when stuck in rain to anti rain droplets i use saliva on my lenses now my view is clear and rain will not stick to my glasses.

80 miles west hwy 22 and the remaining south 202 i pedal my way through jersey As i get off 202 and detour down a side road which has construction happening, it’s dark and i’m not able to see the roads as its still raining very hard while cars are behind me and were moving at 20mph downhill, My rear 23cm tire slips into a trench in the road causing a wild rear fishtail where i almost lost balance and could have wiped out on the pavement; fortunately, with practice of squeezing my break and sliding my way to a traffic stop back home all the time, when i break i understand how to ride out a fish tail and managed to not topple over.

20+ Miles away from Delaware I spontaneously got a flat, it must be something to do with that notch my tire slipped into. I rubbed my fingers along my rear wheel as I spun it. ‘ I don’t have any punctures’  so i have to bunker in which is not a bad thing as i’m all shriveled and have withered from being soaked in consistent downpour all ride.

Daily track

Lodging 108

Food 34.31

Day 9

Today is going to be a great day! I spoke to myself, as I woke up I glanced over at the clock. It’s 7am. I decide to lay my head down a little longer to process my thoughts. My eyes closed and I found myself in a deep sleep again. I shake myself out of it and hop out of the comfortable extra king size bed where my feet can stretch full length in any direction. 

Soon as I’m up, the first thing I do is begin turning my bike upside down. I first unscrew the thru axle on my rear wheel and grab a kleenex to pull the nasty chain away from my rear cassette while dismounting the wheel.

i grab a Pry bar from my repair kit and begin circling around the tire to remove my inner tube. The only thing I don’t like about riding bikes but comes with the territory is changing inner tubes.

It’s especially not a fun procedure when your tires are 700 x 23c racing tires.  As I murmur to myself about how much I dislike this.

The new inner tube is back into the tire and is partially remounted to the wheel. I then pierce the inner tube with my metal pry bar and have to use another inner tube. I’m now down to 4 out of 6 inner tubes. which I’m okay with. It will help me gain some speed by reducing some weight..

I rode to a restaurant off my route south 202 in Pennsylvania and purchased a vegan pizza not knowing it was for two, a kale-aid which was very delicious and nutritious, edamame bean dip with crunchy pita bread; i’m so stuffed! I tried my best effort to not leave any food remaining but knowing myself it was put to the waste.

As I rode along route us-202 ancy for my arrival to Delaware with a fierce headwind in my direction. I decided to do something I would not recommend, even to the craziest and skillful cyclist. My legs were not up to the task and I would do anything that would help get me there, with decent judgment I moved closer to traffic adjacent to the rumble strips on the shoulder as the truckers and cars sped past me at 60mph. I catch a slight slip stream allowing me to gain a bit of speed.

My safety precautions were to stay alert and soon as I hear wheels on rumble strips ill react accordingly. 

I’m at mile 65 and I’m ready to call it a night too soon. I’ve already arrived in Maryland, not exactly the location I have pinpointed on my map.

My plans are to camp out in my hammock so i ride out to a campground, i walk in the only building that appears you can pay for a spot to camp the lady at the front counter had extremely weird vibes and the look on her face didn’t seem so very pleasant. i asked kindly if she had any area i can camp out for the night as i don’t take up much space.

no matter how many times i say hammock and i just need two trees to hang from she says there is nothing she can do for me.. I tried to get information from her for another campground and her responses were extremely short and vague. I knew trying to talk my way into their campground and hang my hammock from the two trees I spotted a distance ahead of me was not going to happen. ‘Okay, before I leave I’ll just purchase water before i leave and proceed to hand her my card,”cash only.” From those final words I departed.

I planned to just camp in the woods nearby but suddenly heard guns go off. I stopped on the side of the road to find the nearest hotel room.

While standing on the side of the road looking up hotels a truck with two kayaks stops on the side of the road with 444 in the licence plate number. I suddenly smile and decide to trust my guides and stop trying to save money and be more concerned with my safety.

Who knew this area in Maryland was this bad looks can be deceiving until I stopped by a motel the owner was standing outside. I talked to him for a few minutes as he smoked his cigar.

He started telling me about this area with blunt honesty and suggested I do not stay at his motel convincing me with many rational reasons why and suggested me to one 4 miles from this current location.

Overall I’m extremely happy with the day and even though I only completed 67 miles I still feel accomplished, I feel proud that i’m safe and my health is still intact i’ll continue trusting in my Guides.

Daily track

Food 50

Lodging 65

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