We are The Soul Cyclist.

The soul cyclist is about inspiring those to live healthier, happier more fulfilling lives; by doing the things our soul truly desires.

our vision is to make an impact in our world by cycling though the souls we encounter, impacting them in ways that these other souls are inspired and become part of the Chain reaction.

our aim is to inspire all people with no discrimination; to pursue dreams. Help those in need, and treat those greater than how we would treat ourselves.


About the Founder of The Soul Cyclist.

LEE Is known for being active, from martial arts, jogging, and long meditative rides on the bike.

There has always been a deep calling that resonated within him to bring love and peace in our world and help those in need.

LEE was raised modestly  in many social environments; these settings helped build the recipe of his character and cultivate a independent free spirit. He is able to see things clearly from many angles which allows him to connect with people in various ways.

He is a spiritual non judgmental being who loves all life forms, in tune with nature, Minimalist, pacifist, philanthropist, philosopher, and maintains his positive vibes and overall well being with a plant based diet.

Our dreams is what gives life value life will not notify us when our time is up.”NOW” sure does seem Like a great time to pursue our dreams, own are health, Be and spread Love Unconditionally .

–Benjamin Disraeli